Al-Saaf International

A leading name in Overseas Employment Promoter`s
We are pleased to introduce our company M/S. AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL - Overseas Employment Promoters as one of the leading and reputed employment promoters in Pakistan. M/S. AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL - Overseas Employment Prompters is a private company with almost ten decades' experiences over the years, an increasing number of employers especially from the Middle East, U.A.E and Saudi Arabia have shown great interest in hiring Pakistani workers' M/S.AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL -  Overseas Employment Promoters is a Pakistani based Recruiting Agency Specialized in overseas employment promoter. The company has the most experienced individual in its team who are veteran in overseas employment, human resources management, processing visas and handling other relevant affairs. Many of them have shifted their attention concerning hiring of expatriate workers, from a number of their original labor supply counties to Pakistan. This change is due to various reasons; Pakistani workers are recognized for their hard works, loyalty, high sense of responsibility and discipline. The employers have the advantage of wider choice due to availability of skilled, semi skilled workers almost in all field and vocation who are readily available for immediate placement. Procedure and formalities for recruiting Pakistani workers for overseas employment are simple. Pakistani worker hiring cost is lower as compared to other labor exporting countries, Pakistani workers are experienced in working in the extreme of climate conditions.

Pakistani are peace loving and extremely loyal to their employers and devoted to their duties Pakistan is situated very close to the labor importing countries and linked by air, sea and land with almost al the major cities of the world. Our organization is being run by us on sound commercial lines with skilled and administrative staff to cooperate with the situation arising out of short time and maintenance of highest standard of quality workers. We wish to emphasis upon all those interested in employing Pakistani manpower that although our workers/laborers are not the cheapest in the world but it is an established fact that they are the symbol of hard work and high productivity, which is essential - for the speedy qulitatives and successful completion of any project anywhere in the world. Our process of recruitment is based on significantly are find & scientific approach which differs from others in the field.

Having specialized in the field we have expended our area of influence/activity and are now arranging all levels of Manpower from Pakistan. Assuring you to our best services at all times therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for any query. M/S. AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL - Overseas Employment Promoter.