Al-Saaf International

A leading name in Overseas Employment Promoter`s

AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL is a professional HR, recruitment, selection, outsourcing and manpower sourcing company and provides the all type of category like, manager, engineers, accountants, supervisors, technicians (i.e. mechanics, drivers, operators, welders, fabricators, plumber, electrician, carpenters, riggers, scaffolders, masons, helpers etc) skilled, semiskilled & unskilled workforces from Pakistan to different industries for their projects in the Middle East. Far East, European and American Continents. Our Manpower Agency has been contributing to the nation`s growth and development through the export of highly talented and worthy manpower.

AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL office in Lahore is managed by the highly competent and well trained staff, including  Engineers and Legal Advisors, to ensure that only the right type of workers is selected for sending abroad and the rights of both parties are fully protected.


We have a well-equipped and systematically organized system of processing demand of any volume. We believe that Communication is key to Good Service and our office is equipped with E-mail, Fax and Telex system to expedite the flow of message of our Overseas Principles. Last but not the least our firm through the initiative of the management offers various categories of employment opportunity for Pakistan Labor. All highly skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled and even highly Qualified Specialist personnel have been selected and processed for our Principals.

Recruitment Procedure:

We compile the Bio-Data for the workers, in corporations there in the comprehensive information retaining to the worker`s past track record sets. When the preliminary careering is over the individual applicant given an oral interview by our interviewing staff. The interviewer`s observations / recommendations there after entered on the appropriate places of the application. After that trade/Skill testing is conducted.  The final selection will be done by interviewing staff and the representative of the overseas principle.

Documents required for Recruitment

(a)  An Appropriate Power of Attorney
(b)  A Letter of Demand
(c)  Authorization Letter by the employer to the Embassy to get visas endorsed (for KSA)
(d)  Electronic Wakala Paper

The documents at para (a) and (b) above are required to be attested as under:
o Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of employment.
o The Embassy of Pakistan in the country of employment.

The documents at para (c) above only be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country (only for Saudi Arabia)

Power of Attorney.

On receipt of the power of attorney and letter of demand we have to obtain a written permission from protector of Emigrant Government of Pakistan) to recruit manpower for our principals as demanded. Without this section we cannot advertise of the jobs.


A Foreign Service Agreement between Al-Saaf International,  as a First Party on behalf of employer and the emigrant (employee) as a Second Party are requirement to be signed and approved by the Protector of Emigrant (Govt. of Pakistan). This F.S.A. contains all the terms and conditions laid down by the employer.


Each Emigrant is required to produce a Medical Certificate.


In case of countries where visas are endorsed by their Embassy, we submit passport for endorsement of visas. In some countries where visas are issued by name (individually), thereafter we finalize the selection and then wait for the employer to obtain visas, and all other formalities are completed after the receipt of visas.


"    Permission obtaining from Protector of Emigrants Govt. of Pakistan. 1 to 2 days
"    Advertisement and Provisionally Selection 4 to 10 days
"    Visa Endorsement by Embassy / Consulate 4 to 08 days
"    Personal Insurance 1 to 2 days
"    Signing and Approval of F.S.A by (Emigration Office) 1 to 2 days
"    Ticketing 1 to 2 day

Orientations of the Workers & Tradesman:

Prior to dispatch of any worker whether janitorial or tradesman everybody is to attend the orientation course. The purpose of this course is to explain the workers about their.

(1)    Job Specification.
(2)    Job Responsibilities
(3)    Job Duties.
(4)    Working Hours, Salary, Overtime, Leave, Accommodation and what he should do and what not doing the continuance of the 

Benefits of our Overseas Employment Agency:

           agency staff to process demand of any volume.

          and paper work in the minimum possible time.

          gratification from the prospective employees. The selection is made solely on the basis of merit and talents.

Al-Saaf International recruitment agency is specialized strict, diligent, honesty and responsible working attitude, as well as high effective teamwork spirit, past experience, reputation, and the network through Asia and other region, we are confident to provide supreme quality Manpower Recruitment services and satisfactory co-operation to our client.