Al-Saaf International

A leading name in Overseas Employment Promoter`s

The basic objective of AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL is to assist the employers to find proficient workers to meet their job requirement. At the same time, we help to individuals to meet the employers and secure job befitting their qualifications and work experience.

We strive to apply the latest method of search selection to identify the best manpower potential for the growth and development of a Company and it is towards this end that we use a unified approach to provide effective solutions best suited to every individual organization.

Prior to referring a candidate to the employer, our Placement Division implements the Selection Process which comprises of a sequence of steps that include preliminary interviews, trade test, verification for credentials/data and assessing the suitability of the candidate.

The prerequisite to this systematic approach is a specific job/candidate profile from the employer which enables us to determine the organization's expectations, job demand and the responsibilities in that particular position.

The complete selection process has been designed to ensure effective decision making for choosing the most suitable candidate for our client's organization.

Visa Procedure:

The Government of Pakistan has laid down certain rules under the immigration Act. Manpower Recruitment on behalf of Overseas Employers.

Based on that, we require the following documents:

a.    An Appropriate Power of Attorney 
b.    Demand Letter clearly specifying the Terms of Employment.
c.    Copy of the Commercial Registration (CR) of the Employer's Company.
d.    Authorization Letter by the employer to the Embassy to get visas endorsed (for KSA)
e.    Electronic Wakala Paper
f.     Copy of the Sponsor's Identity Card (Tabiya).

NOTE: The power of Attorney & Demand Letter are should be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned government. If the employer`s are from Oman & UAE then both letter should me attested from Pakistan Embassy / Consulate. The documents at para (d) above only be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country (only for Saudi Arabia)

Power of Attorney:

On receipt of the power of attorney and letter of demand we have to obtain a written permission from protector of Emigrant (Government of Pakistan) to recruit manpower for our principals as demanded. Without this section we cannot advertise of the jobs.