Al-Saaf International

A leading name in Overseas Employment Promoter`s
Mr. Usman Farooq the man behind the AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL has an attractive personality and is energetic, has been engaged in the manpower recruiting business since 1999. Since then he has been running the business with reputation, dignity, dedication. He has possession of vast and varied experience. All the support services which are needed for the purpose such as mobilization of suitable work people trade testing and selection, medical checkup, visa stamping immigration formalities and finally briefing of selected workers are done by group of well trained staff under his personal supervision. Mr. Usman Farooq has travelled widely in and outside the country which in turn has be gowned upon him the expertise of successful public relation man. As a result he has been able to expand the recruiting business to the peak and the corner of the manpower importing countries. The high standard of performance of his company has been growingly attracting the attention a foreign employer at an increasing number.

We at AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL are committed to deliver the finest Pakistani workers, qualified and suitable to any given job, with a sincere desire to serve the needs of their employer. Most assuredly, the Pakistani worker is a most trusted asset and partner in any nation rise to progress and profitability.

It is also belief that there is a need for workers who are capable of performing their duties and responsibilities with excellent results. This is why AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL has prioritized this very need among our partners, no more, no less.

While our friendly competitors are aggressively pushing their services in this growing industry, AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL on the other hand is keeping a steady pace yet with deliberate movements, to insure that every step will result in satisfactory results for everyone.

The personalized services rendered by his company has been promoting the same employers to utilized services of his company to its employers specially from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman & UAE. The employer put their judicious choices on them because AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL is trusted name of efficient and promote supply of experienced, talented and loyal manpower for any project of vital importance.

We would like to welcome you all national & international persons, partners & well-wishers as a chairman I am very glad to introduce ourselves as a leading recruiting agency " AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL" of Pakistan . We offer a unique platform for those who are searching for employment opportunities as well as those partners who are searching for competent & capable manpower. We are proud of our agency, which is committed to maintain suitable atmosphere for employees as well as employers. We are devoted to bridge the requirement of both employees and employers with professionalism.

"Let AL-SAAF INTERNATIONAL have the opportunity to serve you better"